The Unity Primary Past Student & Kindergarten Alumni was formed on December 18, 2005, with a small group of past students who resides in the United States of America. Meetings were held in New York, where we discovered how we could make a worthwhile contribution to the school.

The Unity Primary School was built in 1724 by community members, and was housed in the Unity Methodist Church. The church accommodated the school by conducting services on Sundays and their meetings and other activities before and after school hours, classes were held on weekdays. Because of the population increase, a new school was built by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Canadian Government at Fern Hill District in the early 1960’s. It has been over 40 years, and the children in the community have benefited from the education with the help of the teachers.

The Past Student Association requested help from the German Embassy, who reported by giving a grant of $7,500US, which was used for the fencing of the school. The Jamaica Social Investment Fund also contributed addition classroom, bathroom facilities, staff rooms, library and a computer room, In return, the community volunteered their time and labor towards the project.

The Association is now a registered organization and is currently soliciting donations towards the Unity Primary School and other kindergarten school in the community. This donation may be in the form of school supplies, which includes: dictionary, pencil, pens, composition books, loose leaf, crayons, reading articles, Bibles, binders, sharpeners, glue, ruler, school bags, erasers, rain gear; toiletry such as: soap, toilet paper, comb, and hair brush.

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